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Papadol! Ep 02 Review

Posted on: May 14th, 2012 by tylerraiz No Comments

source url Papadol! (パパドル!) is a comedy in which Nishikido Ryo of Kanjani8 plays himself as an idol who falls in love with a divorced woman with three children. The first episode was the funniest episode I had seen of any drama this season, and the second episode, I’m happy to say, kept up the humor level while still developing the conflicts and tension that makes a story interesting. This series benefits from very tight editing – I have yet to feel that a particular scene took too long, or should have been skipped entirely.

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http://vilamilla.com/work-resume/ work resume When we left our hero, he faced an ultimatum from his jimusho (agency – in this case a fictionalized version of Johnny’s) – to either divorce or retire:

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Statement Of Purpose Essay Help He has three months to make the decision. He thinks he can pursue both parts of his life without sacrificing anything, but right away things begin to go wrong, starting with his attempt to move in:

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follow site And all the rules his manager lists for those living with Nishikido-kun:

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go site Meanwhile, the idol side of life has all sorts of new complications:

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get link With the first episode leaving him feeling depressed, will the difficulty of the struggle leave Nishikido-kun feeling better or worse about how things are turning out after this episode? As usual, you’ll have to watch to find out. And let me guarantee you this: I’m leaving a lot of stuff out, and the episode ends . . . well, it’s definitely impressive. I hate to think about how much it would have cost for Nishikido’s character.

http://mzoologia.uprrp.edu/?christian-ghostwriting-services christian ghostwriting services There are a slew of unmissable scenes, including this one, which the screenshots don’t do justice to:

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http://www.designingdivas.com.au/essay-on-texting-while-driving/ Which brings me to the character that continues to be the highlight of the show: Hanamura Kana played by Tani Kanon. Get a load of some of the lines she gets (thanks to suketeru at D-Addicts for the softsubs, without which I would have missed them):

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good quality writing paper Or this priceless sequence:

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oliver cromwell homework help And I swear, I’m not giving everything away here. Heck, I’ve just picked stuff from the first half, and it just keeps getting better. For instance, Kawashima Umika has a number of wonderful scenes. She really carries the load as far as conveying the family side of the difficulty Nishikido-kun faces, pushing back against him with poignant firmness. The kids are all doing a great job, and Nishikido-kun does fine work interacting with them.

where can you buy resume paper Away from the family, Nishikido-kun mostly has to carry the story himself. There’s some help from Yashima Norito-san, but not much. Fortunately, Nishikido seems up to the challenge.

Up to the Challenge

There are two special features to this drama that really help to give flavor. First, the way they mix in real-life Kanjani8 events/work to give everything a sense of verisimilitude. The other is the fact that they can get away with including other celebrities as themselves without going overboard, since it’s realistic that Nishikido-kun would come into contact with them in his daily affairs. It all adds to the fun.

So, I’m still enthusiastic about the series. I was missing a solid comedy in my lineup – Kodomo Keisatsu came closest, but it’s more cute than funny, and Mikeneko Holmes was the only hope for a real laugh until Papadol!. Already, the viewer has a strong interest in what happens to the main character – whether he can really make it all work out or not. It’s a lot like Ikemen Desu Ne, actually – same sort of feel, just a bit more grown-up and way more realistic.

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