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HERO 2014 Ep 03 Review

Posted on: September 20th, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

http://www.greedyrooster.it/writing-a-application-cover-letter/ Asagi (Kitagawa Keiko) is not happy with working long hours at the behest of Kuryu (Kimura Takuya), and the latest installment of HERO begins with her getting called by him once again during her off hours.

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http://www.cantieredirudino.com/writing-good-argumentative-essays/ A suspect has died in custody and the law requires that a prosecutor should be present during the autopsy, and Kuryu in turn requires Asagi to be present. He probably couldn’t have found a more unpleasant way to force her to work overtime, and it left her feeling sick.

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write my dissertation uk online But the autopsy doesn’t reveal anything suspicious, so everyone just shrugs off the death of the suspect. The victim’s father calls, though, asking when the case will be brought to court, and they have to inform him of the suspect’s death. His reaction is understandably stunned, but also a bit odd.

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Kinkyori Renai Ep 03 Review

Posted on: September 11th, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

http://globalsolusindo.id/paper-writing-service-wiki/ While quiet around others, Haruka (Abe Aran) started Kinkyori Renai (近キョリ恋愛) entirely cheerful around his two friends – Mirei (Ishibashi Anna) and Kanata (Kishi Yuta).

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http://foto8.ch/realism-essays-online/ But then his stepsister Ririko (Adachi Rika) returned to Japan from America and ever since then, Mirei and Kanata can’t stop talking about her.

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http://russianchicagomag.com/writing-out-numbers-in-essays/ writing out numbers in essays They begin this episode by noting that Ririko seems to have quickly recovered after being dumped by her boyfriend. When Haruka points out that Ririko and Tachibana (Nagayama Takashi) have actually gotten back together, that throws the other two for a loop and they demand answers.

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Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Neo Ep 02 Review

Posted on: September 4th, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

buy written essays The main characters seem to be having fun in the beginning of this episode of Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Neo (金田一少年の事件簿N), as we first see Kindaichi Hajime (Yamada Ryosuke) and his ever-present friends Miyuki (Kawaguchi Haruna) and Ryuji (Arioka Daiki) on a rollercoaster and then in a 3-D zombie movie.

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http://seattlebusinesscapital.com/college-admissions-counseling-services/ They were also accompanied by the film club members they met in the previous episode – well, those alive and not incarcerated, anyway.

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how to start a college admissions essay hook Oddly, it’s Ryuji who explains how 3-D works to the film club members rather than the other way around. Ryuji continues to be the fountain of exposition of this series – explaining things that he probably shouldn’t be the one explaining.

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HERO 2014 Ep 02 Review

Posted on: August 31st, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

home page It looks like episodes of HERO 2014 are longer than just the normal hour block. I didn’t make a note of it in the first episode because premieres are often extended beyond the standard time slot, but this second episode is also longer – 57 minutes of program time, so probably an hour and twenty minutes to an hour and a half with commercials. I’m not complaining, though – as long as they can keep the pace up, the more entertainment the better.

This episode begins with the chief (Matsushige Yutaka) valiantly trying to assign cases to each prosecutor. However, they seem to just decide for themselves – all except Kiryuu (Kimura Takuya), who gets the leftover. The last two cases are sexual assaults where the offender gropes the victim, and Baba Reiko (Yoshida Yo) takes the repeat offender, leaving Kiryuu with the rich offender.

HERO 2014 Ep 02 000 HERO 2014 Ep 02 001

As is often the case in Hero, there’s a focus on how justice differs for people from different classes. Kiryuu takes particular pleasure in making sure the rich guy doesn’t get away with things just because he can afford lawyers. So, how will he ensure this guy pays for his crime?

HERO 2014 Ep 02 002

Katsumata doesn’t deny that he grabbed a woman named Miyahara from behind, for which he was arrested. Fortunately, Miyahara fought back and was able to disable him until a nearby police officer could help. Katsumata still bears a bruise on his face and a pain in his ribs thanks to Miyahara’s efforts.


Kinkyori Renai Ep 02 Review

Posted on: August 29th, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

At the conclusion of the first episode of Kinkyori Renai (近キョリ恋愛), Ririko (Adachi Rika) asked stepbrother Haruka (Abe Aran) if she could stay with him after getting into a fight with her boyfriend. Considering Ririko moved all the way from New York back to Japan in order to be with this boyfriend, she is necessarily confused and distraught.

Also at the end of the previous episode, we saw a preview of scenes involving adult Haruka (as played by Yamashita Tomohisa-kun) which I took to be part of this series. Thankfully (since those scenes deal with issues I don’t find entertaining), that’s all going to be part of a movie that I’ll never watch (not my kind of thing). This series is actually the prequel to that movie. That relieves the worry I had about Yamashita-kun’s part in this series – he in fact has no part except in the intro.

So, that leaves us with these three fun-loving characters:

Kinkyori Renai Ep 02 000

This installment begins with Mirei (Ishibashi Anna) and Kanata (Kishi Yuta) being concerned after hearing how Ririko had to seek refuge at Haruka’s place. Even though they just met Ririko, they’re worried about her and the possibility that, after falling out with the boyfriend she had done so much to be with, she might do herself harm.

Kinkyori Renai Ep 02 001 Kinkyori Renai Ep 02 002 Kinkyori Renai Ep 02 003

Kishi-kun was especially brilliant at injecting over-the-top dramatics to this possibility to keep it from being too morbid.


HERO 2014 Ep 01 Review

Posted on: August 20th, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

The original HERO from 2001 was a legendary drama series thanks to its quick-witted dialogue, athletic pacing, and unique characterizations. None of its episodes drew less than a 30% rating, and it pushed many members of its cast into the forefront among Japanese actors, including Kimura Takuya, Abe Hiroshi, Kohinata Fumiyo, and Yashima Norito. How will this new season shape up, thirteen years later?

Most of the original cast is returning. Unfortunately, we will not see Abe Hiroshi-san nor Matsu Takako, who did a great job playing the female lead in 2001, but along with Kimura, Kohinata, and Yashima, Masana Bokuzo, Kadono Takuzo, and the infamous Tanaka Yoji also return. Notable additions to the cast are new female lead Kitagawa Keiko, Sugimoto Tetta, Hamada Gaku, Yoshida Yo, and Matsushige Yutaka. Altogether, a lot of familiar faces in this one.

The show begins much as the original did, with moments of apparent calm suddenly broken by a flurry of action and dialogue that makes it hard to keep up with the subtitles.

HERO 2014 Ep 01 000

We get a quick taste for the characters by watching them go about their normal business in the Tokyo Public Prosecutor’s Office as Asagi Chika (Kitagawa Keiko) waits to meet the new prosecutor she will be working with as secretary.

While billed as a legal/crime drama, I think it’s better classified as a comedy/mystery, and this introduction phase has a lot of the deadpan comedy that was also typical of the first series, and the exact same music from Hattori Takayuki-san.

HERO 2014 Ep 01 001 HERO 2014 Ep 01 002 HERO 2014 Ep 01 003


The major difference so far is the character of Asagi, who has her own personality and isn’t a carbon copy of Amamiya. I’m eager to see what kind of chemistry she will have with Kiryuu Kohei (Kimura Takuya), but as in the original, we don’t see Kiryuu for a while, taking in the prevailing culture of the prosecutor’s office first.


Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Neo Ep 01 Review

Posted on: August 17th, 2014 by tylerraiz 1 Comment

The first episode of Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Neo (金田一少年の事件簿N), the newest iteration of the dramas about young detective Kindaichi Hajime, matches the length of the two specials that first introduced Yamada Ryosuke-kun in this role. Yamada-kun is following in the footsteps of his agency seniors Domoto Tsuyoshi-san, Matsumoto Jun-kun, and Kamenashi Kazuya-kun in playing this part, and I will try my very best not to compare him to any of them. That shouldn’t be a problem, since with mysteries I’m mostly interested in the structure of the mystery (the plot!) and how it compares to classic stories in this genre.

Particular to Kindaichi as a character is the way he is always introduced as a bit goofy and immature until something serious happens, at which point he snaps into detective mode. Before we get to that, there’s an intro from Miyuki (Kawaguchi Haruna), one of Kindaichi’s sidekicks, but sure enough the standard silliness soon ensures. Kindaichi’s biology teacher catches him looking at photos of girls and rating them. When I say rating them . . . well, you’ll have to see for yourself.

Miyuki gets angry with Kindaichi because she saw her photo drew a rating of “disappointing” from him, and just as she’s busy burning all of his photos (because no one trusts him to do it), she is met by a student who waxes poetic and calls her beautiful.

Kindaichi Shounen no Jikeno Neo Ep 01 000 Kindaichi Shounen no Jikeno Neo Ep 01 001Kindaichi Shounen no Jikeno Neo Ep 01 002

We don’t know the name of that student yet, but the actor is Yamada-kun’s fellow Tantei Gakuen Q pal Kamiki Ryunosuke-kun. Kindaichi’s other sidekick Ryuji (Arioka Daiki) informs him that Kamiki-kun is playing Kurasawa Hikaru, the president of the Film Studies Club. Kurasawa . . .  Film Studies Club . . . a bit too obvious, isn’t it? Actually, Ryuji tells us that Hikaru is the grandson of the great Kurasawa Akira, so they make it even more blatant. The actual famous director’s name was, of course, Kurosawa Akira, and they’re dodging a lawsuit from his estate by changing the ‘o’ to an ‘a’. Still a bit dodgy and lacking in imagination.

Anyway, Kurasawa decides that Miyuki will be the heroine in his new film.

Hmm, you know what, I think I’d better call him Hikaru instead of Kurasawa because right after that another student approaches him, angry that he’s dropped someone named Kurokawa from the lead role in the film, and on the off chance that this Kurokawa becomes important, I’m going to have a heck of a time not mangling the two names.

Kindaichi Shounen no Jikeno Neo Ep 01 003

Anyway, angry student (Izumiya Shigeki played by Okayama Amane, who also appeared in the first episode of Kinkyori Renai) is the screenplay writer for the film, and he wrote it with Kurokawa in mind, but director Hikaru wants to cast Miyuki. Izumiya says he quits, but what leverage does he have now that he’s written the script? Well, he whispers something in Hikaru’s ear about confessing to the police so . . . yeah, that kind of leverage.

The very next thing that happens was impossible – Kindaichi asks Ryuji who Kurokawa is, and Ryuji tells him that Kurokawa is the super-beautiful start of the Film Studies Club. Now, wait a minute – how is it that Kindaichi, who spends all his time rating the girls at school and ogling them, doesn’t know who such a beautiful girl on campus is but his kouhai (who hasn’t been at the school as long) does? Doesn’t make any sense. The writers are using Ryuji to deliver exposition in a ham-handed way.

Kindaichi intervenes to tell Hikaru that Miyuki could not possibly be an actress because she has no charm, and I’m surprised Miyuki resisted punching him – she only gave his a slap on the cheek.