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Gamushara 2014.08.24 Review

Posted on: September 16th, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

follow After spending about two months having four teams battle it out by taking on different challenges, Gamushara (ガムシャラ) decided to take the time for a debriefing episode led by Yasui Kentaro-kun.

online essay writing uk 2014.08.24 Gamushara 000 2014.08.24 Gamushara 001

http://organizedandsimplified.com/?p=who-can-write-my-term-paper Actually, it’s more of a deleted scenes episode, as we get to see some stuff that they didn’t include while telling us the story of the challenges the first time around. Probably most of this stuff should have just been included in the first place, but at least we get to see it now.

http://www.scarpetango.eu/purchase-term-paper-essay-assignment/ First, the team leaders each offered some thoughts.

enter site 2014.08.24 Gamushara 002 2014.08.24 Gamushara 003

http://www.pretiradiatori.it/should-you-do-your-homework-right-after-school/ But I don’t think they got thirty seconds before the annoying announcer took over to narrate the video clips we missed.

Custom Essay Writing Com The breakdance team was covered first and we got more focus on the windmill move which they seemed so unprepared for.

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Shounen Club 2014.09.10 Review

Posted on: September 15th, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

charlotte w newcombe dissertation Shounen Club (ザ少年倶楽部) is a music variety show hosted by Kawai Fumito of A.B.C-Z and Kiriyama Akito of Johnny’s West that showcases the song-and-dance skills of the Johnny’s Entertainment agency’s most recently debuted groups – A.B.C-Z, Sexy Zone, and Johnny’s West – as well as the agency’s trainees (known as juniors).

purchasing book report The second episode for September begins with A.B.C-Z introducing the theme of the show – 15th anniversary year again, even though I still have no idea how they figure that – and then performing “Legend Story”. Hashimoto-kun’s opening wasn’t quite as striking as before – more muted this time.

click here 2014.09.10 Shounen Club 000 2014.09.10 Shounen Club 0012014.09.10 Shounen Club 002

click Maybe it’s because it’s at the start of the show, but it seemed lacking in energy and not as sharp as the previous time I saw this performed.

http://2b-on.pt/?p=homework-essay-help 2014.09.10 Shounen Club 003 2014.09.10 Shounen Club 004

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go site So, I’d call that an iffy opening. The song itself could probably work if it was done with some over-the-top exuberance, but they were restrained on it this time.

Moving along, Kawai-kun and Kiriyama-kun introduced the first performers – Hirano Sho, Nagase Ren, and Takahashi Kaito. This is a bit unusual since we’ve normally had one of the other debuted groups out to do the talk at this point even when a junior group was preparing to perform.


Sexy Zone Channel 2014.08.13 Review

Posted on: September 13th, 2014 by tylerraiz 1 Comment

Having spent the July episodes completing an epic athletic event, the members of Sexy Zone reflect with the staff of Sexy Zone Channel on their physical progress. In particular, it was pointed out that the three elder members had scored some success in one episode or another, but the two younger members – Matsushima Sou-kun and Marius Yo-kun – haven’t. This seems pretty obvious to me, since if they set up tasks meant to be challenging to the more physically developed older members, the younger members will inevitably struggle to keep up, but it’s always worth prodding people to shape up, I guess.

2014.08.13 Sexy Zone Channel 000 2014.08.13 Sexy Zone Channel 001

The staff asks them to come up with activities where they might be the best in the group. Sou-kun proposes archery but accidentally pronounces it “archury”. Everyone seems to want to do bowling and Marius-kun says he’s the best in his family, but when Fuma-kun asks what score he gets, he seems to have some trouble.

2014.08.13 Sexy Zone Channel 002

Either he says he gets above 100 points in two games, but he seems to think that the top score in one game is 100 points (the others know it’s more than that, but I don’t think any of them actually says it’s 300 points). In the old days, when we all kept score on sheets, it would be conceivable that his family simply kept the score wrong. In the age of automatic scoring systems, though, that’s not quite as likely, and this is probably a case of Marius-kun just being a bit young.


VS Arashi 2014.07.31 Review

Posted on: September 10th, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

The members of Arashi decided to promote their new DVD at the beginning of this VS Arashi (VS 嵐), but they surprised Ohno-san by asking him to take the lead on it.

2014.07.31 VS Arashi 0002014.07.31 VS Arashi 001

He tried to play it straight, but briefly seemed to forget the name of it. MatsuJun asked if Ohno-san had yesterday off – referring to a joke from the July 10th episode.

The guests were the cast of the movie Rurouni Kenshin (they’re promoting both Kyoto Inferno and The Legend Ends – I’m not sure what the logic of releasing two movies in the space of two months is, but I’m sure fans are happy). The members were Sato Takeru, Takei Emi, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Tsuchiya Tao, Miura Ryosuke, and Takahashi Maryjun. Of them, I think Takahashi-san is the only one I haven’t seen in a drama or movie before.

2014.07.31 VS Arashi 002

This is a younger-than-Arashi team, so that’s very good. On the other hand, it’s a movie team, which usually means that they’ll stick to playing the lighter games. We’re definitely going to get the new game this time, but I’m wondering if we’ll see Cliff Climb or not.


Shounen Club 2014.09.03 Review

Posted on: September 8th, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

I have a growing list of Shounen Club (ザ少年倶楽部) pet-peeves, and at the top of that list is the way all the elder juniors – the reasonably popular juniors who are above eighteen years of age – are often lumped together into one big mega-group for performances even though this doesn’t do justice to their talents. And at the start of the first Shounen Club of September, here’s the same sort of thing:

2014.09.03 Shounen Club 000

It’s not quite all of them singing “Anniversary” by KinKi Kids, but it’s enough that it’s a jumble – especially since they’re all wearing white. Aside from Jesse, Nozawa Yuki, Sanada Yuma, Masuda Ryo, and Hanzawa Akatsuki, I did notice that we got a sudden influx of SnowMen. The members of that group don’t get much SC attention – not in a featured role like this – so that was a positive.

2014.09.03 Shounen Club 001 2014.09.03 Shounen Club 002 2014.09.03 Shounen Club 003

Pretty soon, A.B.C-Z, Johnny’s West, Nakajima Kento, Kikuchi Fuma, and Sato Shori took the stage, and things got really cluttered, but I like the whole-cast opening in general.


Gamushara 2014.08.17 Review

Posted on: September 7th, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

This episode of Gamushara (ガムシャラ) follows the August 10th one more or less directly, and I recommend watching both together. In fact, there are multiple versions of the events depicted being mixed-and-matched, as in the August 16th special and also the September J’s Partys. The one thing the August 16th special lacked that this episode has, though, was the final result – which team won.

We begin with the formidable double dutch team – Matsumura Hokuto, Morohoshi Shoki, Morimoto Shintaro, Tanaka Juri, and Kyomoto Taiga. Unlike some of the other teams, this team went into the challenge with some basic skills in this area, and early on I thought that the main thing they had to learn was how to turn the ropes.

2014.08.17 Gamushara 000 2014.08.17 Gamushara 001

I’m sure they will show us some tremendous skills, but editing has so far hidden most of their attempts to practice those. In the interest of surprise, the editor has made this team’s segments one of the most difficult to appreciate. They focused a long time on the speed-step, and only in this episode do we get to see what they were really up to. We first see then three days before the big day.

2014.08.17 Gamushara 002

And I think they are the only group who we are told (by the commentator) did their entire run perfectly during practice.


Gamushara 2014.08.10 Review

Posted on: September 6th, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

If you’ve watched and enjoyed any of the Gamushara (ガムシャラ) episodes in the past month or so, you’ll probably want to tune in to this one and the next one, because we finally get to see the results of all the effort the juniors have been putting in during that time.

It is all in the auspices of the Gamushara Summer Festival, which also got its own special on August 16th. I’m not going to review that special, though, because we will be seeing most of the action in these regular Gamushara episodes anyway.

2014.08.10 Gamushara 000 2014.08.10 Gamushara 001

This episode covers the breakdancing team (Iwahashi Genki, Takahashi Fuu, Takahashi Kaito, Matsuda Genta, and Hayashi Ren) and the basketball trick team (Jesse, Hanzawa Akatsuki, Masuda Ryo, Fukusawa Tatsuya, and Iwamoto Hikaru), while the August 17th installment will deal with the other two groups.

We start with the breakdancing guys, and find out that Iwahashi-kun has been nursing a fever (if you recall the previous episode, Matsukura Kaito was also ill, so apparently something was going around). As a result, he wasn’t able to attend the practice two days before the main event. The staff noted that his temperature was at 39.5 degrees Celsius – 103 Fahrenheit.

2014.08.10 Gamushara 002 2014.08.10 Gamushara 003

The team rallies in the absence of their leader.