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Gamushara J’s Party 2014.08.09 Review

Posted on: September 1st, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

http://augustform.com/homework-help-social-studies-online/ This was the second Gamushara J’s Party!! (ガムシャラ J’s Party!!) for August, and it had the same cast as the first – Jesse, Masuda Ryo, Hanzawa Akatsuki, Kyomoto Taiga, Takahashi Fuu, Tajima Shogo, Morohoshi Shoki, Anderson Casey, Morimoto Shintaro, Tanaka Juri, and Matsumura Hokuto.

They started with a . . . a rendition of “Let It Be” from Masuda-kun with assistance from Jesse-kun. This was certainly high on the freshness scale, but as a longtime Beatles fan, this sure lacked any of the impact or depth of the song. Done properly (and a variety of good renditions have been done over the years) this is a very moving song, and while I think Masuda Ryo-kun is capable of singing it closer to that style, this was the polar opposite – it was too light.

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It was also an odd way to start the episode, so once again the producers/director don’t seem to plan two episodes when getting the juniors to perform a J’s Party – the juniors just do their songs and the director chops the concert in half, adding filler where necessary.

source site Masuda Ryo-kun had the stage alone for “Triangle”. Nice to see him getting some solo time, and I had no trouble appreciating this song. I do wish they had turned the volume on the microphones up a bit more – the background music was too loud by comparison.


Gamushara J’s Party 2014.08.02 Review

Posted on: August 25th, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

http://phamvankhoa.com/i-need-help-writing-a-persuasive-essay/ This Gamushara J’s Party!! (ガムシャラ J’s Party!!) featured Jesse, Masuda Ryo, Hanzawa Akatsuki, Kyomoto Taiga, Takahashi Fuu, Tajima Shogo, Morohoshi Shoki, Anderson Casey, Morimoto Shintaro, Tanaka Juri, and Matsumura Hokuto. Because the cast changes from month to month, yet is a manageable number of names, I think it might be a good idea to start reviews of J’s Party by just citing the members who are involved. On the other hand, this list looks a lot like last month’s (except the notable absence of Kouchi Yugo-kun – a shame because all the other Bakaleya members are involved), though perhaps that’s because the younger juniors were busy with other activities. Not sure if this is becoming a show focused on just the elder juniors.

follow site The first song was “Samurai” with all of the cast except for Takahashi-kun and Tajima-kun,

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Community Service Project Proposal Essay This was an excellent song to start out with, and there was a good amount of energy involved. The red outfits helped.

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Gamushara 2014.08.03 Review

Posted on: August 23rd, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

click This is the last episode of practice for the four teams in Gamushara (ガムシャラ), and then we’ll see the product of their work in the following two episodes. With the special tasks over with and having spent five weeks on these challenges already, is there really enough new material to fill this episode or will it feel like more of the same?

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follow link Flipping the original order, we see what’s going on with the double-dutch team first. When we last left them, they were improving on the speed steep and Tanaka Juri-kun was having trouble. The focus is still on Tanaka-kun as we pick up their story in this episode.

2014.08.03 Gamushara 001 2014.08.03 Gamushara 002 2014.08.03 Gamushara 003 2014.08.03 Gamushara 004

Not much to say about this. What kind of commentary can I deliver in response to Shintaro-kun saying that his team wants to win? It’s a stock phrase that everyone always uses in variety shows when they have nothing better to say.

2014.08.03 Gamushara 005 2014.08.03 Gamushara 006

Morohoshi-kun informs us that everyone is trying their best. Another stock statement. I don’t blame them – everyone does it – it just doesn’t give me much to write about.


Shounen Club 2014.08.13 Review

Posted on: August 18th, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

The second Shounen Club (ザ少年倶楽部) for August began with the three elder members of Sexy Zone singing “Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu”. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you already know how I feel about this song. If you haven’t: I hate it. I still consider it a mess of randomly assembled musical phrases and sound effects rather than a proper composition. The dance is weak, too (lots of arm-waving, very little leg work).

2014.08.13 Shounen Club 000 2014.08.13 Shounen Club 0012014.08.13 Shounen Club 002

Thankfully, they didn’t spend much time singing it, as A.B.C-Z quickly took the stage for a verse or two of “Walking on Clouds” Not the best A.B.C-Z song by a long shot, but certainly an improvement on “Sexy Summer” – especially thanks to Hashimoto-kun’s singing.

2014.08.13 Shounen Club 003

They’re still missing Totsuka Shota-kun, by the way.

2014.08.13 Shounen Club 004

The pattern for this opening is obvious – each of the debuted groups get to do a teensy bit of a song – so I wasn’t surprised to see Johnny’s West take the stage next for “Banzai Yume Mansai!”

2014.08.13 Shounen Club 005 2014.08.13 Shounen Club 006

It’s not my kind of song and for some reason always reminds me of an AKB song, but they had the most sophisticated choreography of the three groups.

I don’t like opening medleys in general, but at least this one eventually got the audience pumped up.

Hosts Kawai Fumito-kun and Kiriyama Akito-kun talked to the members of Johnny’s West, and Daiki Shigeoka-kun got to introduce the theme of the show: Summer. Let’s see how many summer songs they actually do (I’m not going to count “Sexy Summer” since it can’t decide what season it’s in, has Christmas themes throughout it, and they wore Santa costumes when initially promoting it).


Gamushara 2014.07.27 Review

Posted on: August 13th, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

To the best of my knowledge, there wasn’t a July 20th episode of Gamushara (ガムシャラ), and so in this episode we get to see the fourth group – the percussion team – taking on the special challenge at the start of the show. What will they end up doing?

They do a solid variety show cheer about being on location in Kusatsu – a small town in Gunma prefecture. As Jinguji Yuta-kun notes, Kusatsu is known for one thing primarily – onsen. There are around a hundred hot springs there with a total output of 34,000 liters per minute (according to Wikipedia).

2014.07.27 Gamushara 000

But surely Jinguji-kun can’t expect that the challenge is for them to enjoy an onsen – there’s definitely going to be some kind of nasty catch to this.

2014.07.27 Gamushara 001

But for now he, Matsukura Kaito, Nakamura Reia, Inoue Mizuki, and Tajima Shogo set out . . .

2014.07.27 Gamushara 002

. . . and we get a glimpse of the day before, when the staff first brought up the trip.


Shounen Club 2014.08.06 Review

Posted on: August 10th, 2014 by tylerraiz No Comments

Shounen Club (ザ少年倶楽部) is a music variety show hosted by Kawai Fumito of A.B.C-Z and Kiriyama Akito of Johnny’s West that showcases the song-and-dance skills of the Johnny’s Entertainment agency’s most recently debuted groups – A.B.C-Z, Sexy Zone, and Johnny’s West – as well as the agency’s trainees (known as juniors).

The main fascination with the show, at least for me, is to try to figure out which of the juniors will emerge as the next generation of stars. This episode opens with some prime candidates handling the intro, as Jinguji Yuta, Iwahashi Genki, Abe Aran, and Kishi Yuta led a cadre of other juniors in SMAP’s “Bang! Bang! Vacance”.

2014.08.06 Shounen Club 000

They made way for the elder juniors, who continued the song. While the four listed above seem to be in a stable grouping (except that they’re missing Miyachika Kaito), the elder juniors have no such luck, and every time I turn around, they’re in a totally different arrangement.

2014.08.06 Shounen Club 001 2014.08.06 Shounen Club 002

For the final phase of the song, Sato Shori, Nakajima Kento, and Kikuchi Fuma of Sexy Zone as well as the entirety of Johnny’s WEST and A.B.C-Z (except Totsuka Shota) joined the rest on a very crowded stage. Fair enough, though, since I typically like this type of all-in one-song opening for Shounen Club. It feels right to have the whole cast out front to kick things off.


Gamushara 2014.07.13 Review

Posted on: August 5th, 2014 by tylerraiz 1 Comment

I think it’s safe to assume that this episode of Gamushara (ガムシャラ) will follow the pattern of the previous two, which means the interesting part will be the first half where one team gets a special challenge. The other three teams will get squished into the second half, and there’s a limit to the entertainment value of that.

The lucky team this time was the double dutch team – Matsumura Hokuto, Morohoshi Shoki, Morimoto Shintaro, Tanaka Juri, and Kyomoto Taiga. The concern their coach raises is about their teamwork . . .

2014.07.13 Gamushara 000

. . . so the staff concocts a special mountain hiking challenge . . .

2014.07.13 Gamushara 001

. . . which they’ll have to complete while tied together.

2014.07.13 Gamushara 002 2014.07.13 Gamushara 003

Now, as long as the announcer can stop talking and we can hear the reactions from the juniors, this should be a lot of fun. We get a brief taste of them trying to go “left-right-left-right”, but then to my annoyance they turned to a preview  of what was going to happen next. I hate when they spend precious time to preview something we’re about to see in a few minutes.