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Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan Ep 12 Review

Posted on: October 8th, 2012 by tylerraiz No Comments

And with this, we close the book on the summer drama season of 2012. Can Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan (浪花少年探偵団) pull a surprise strong finish, ending the season on a high note, or will it underperform as it has throughout the past few months?

The case continues from the last episode where a twenty year-old student dies, Nana’s mother falls from a balcony, and Shinobu (Tabe Mikako) decides the two cases are related. Mere moments after she makes this connection, the culprit is once again at Nana’s apartment building, and both Teppei (Hamada Tatsuomi) and Nana decide to chase him, getting themselves deep into trouble. As if she didn’t have enough to worry about, Shinobu also has to consider Shindou (Koike Teppei)’s proposal to her.

It’s funny, then, that Shinobu looks almost cheerful rather than worried as she drives in pursuit of the vehicle with Teppei, Nana, and the criminal.


Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan Ep 11 Review

Posted on: October 5th, 2012 by tylerraiz No Comments

This episode of Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan (浪花少年探偵団) is the first in the two-part final case for Shinobu (Tabe Mikako) and her cohort of kid detectives. Will the drama end strong or fizzle out?

After a brief scene with Shinobu performing a little Hinamatsuri (雛祭り – Doll Festival) ritual, we plunge right in with this episode’s murder:

There, Shindou (Koike Teppei) seems reluctant to take a call from Shinobu, and when his partner Urushizaki urges him to get on with it, it’s too late and Shinobu has already hung up.

A voice-over from the younger Harada boy (Maeda Oshiro) tells us that it’s graduation season, and everyone is getting ready. Members of Shinobu’s class will be moving on to middle school.


Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan Ep 10 Review

Posted on: September 27th, 2012 by tylerraiz No Comments

Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan (浪花少年探偵団) is best when it puts the mystery first, so my hopes were kindled when this episode opened with the tragedy:

The Murder Scene

But then it immediately jumped to Shinobu (Tabe Mikako) doing Christmas shopping with her mother. They bump into Honma (Yamamoto Koji), who tries to get Shinobu to have an extra-special dinner with him.

Christmas Eve EncountersChristmas Eve Encounters 2Christmas Eve Encounters 3

The Naniwa Shounen come to her rescue:


Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan Ep 09 Review

Posted on: September 21st, 2012 by tylerraiz No Comments

Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan (浪花少年探偵団) showed a bit more promise in the last episode. Will we continue to see strong plots, leading up to a big finish? The beginning offers up some hope:

There's Been a Murder

Normally, we start with some sort of domestic scene with Shinobu (Tabe Mikako), but here we begin immediately with the crime, and our two police detectives – Urushizaki and Shindou (Koike Teppei). The victim was bashed with a croquet mallet – certainly a novel weapon. The presumed attacker was an old woman defending herself from an intruder.

MalletPresumed Assailant 1

She was understandably nervous about intruders, because she had recently taken out 4,000,000 yen (about $50,000) from the bank, and had thought she was being followed after that withdrawal. The money was for the fee for an elderly home.


Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan Ep 08 Review

Posted on: September 8th, 2012 by tylerraiz 1 Comment

Seeing the preview of this episode of Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan (浪花少年探偵団 – Naniwa Juvenile Detective Team), I had hopes that it would continue building on the better aspects of last week’s episode. The goal here is to reduce the subplots that never go anywhere (especially the love square involving Honma and Haruna) and maximize the participation of characters who actually try to solve mysteries like the Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan, who are often marginalized, and police detective Urushizaki.

Naniwa Shounen Title

As it did last time, the show begins with Shinobu (Tabe Mikako) facing issues at home, with her mother distraught:

Domestic Issues 1Domestic Issues 2

The reason this time is truly trivial – a lucky charm.

Domestic Issues 4

Thankfully, we move to school life, where a letter from a former student – Nakanishi Yuta – gets the class excited.


Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan Ep 07 Review

Posted on: August 31st, 2012 by tylerraiz No Comments

Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan (浪花少年探偵団 – Naniwa Juvenile Detective Team) is a mystery series with a humorous bent starring Tabe Mikako-san as mystery-obsessed elementary school teacher Takeuchi Shinobu. Unfortunately, recent episodes have been less than stellar, and for a few weeks, the thought of the series didn’t muster enough energy in me for a review. Let’s see if episode 7 is interesting enough that I’ll be encouraged to catch up.

Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan Title

As usual, the episode begins with Shinobu facing domestic issues – this time getting mad at her mother and telling her mother to leave (they have separate homes, but Shinobu’s mother has been staying with her).

Domestic Issues 1Domestic Issues 2

While these bits are funny (especially thanks to the voice-over narration provided by Maeda Oshiro-kun, who plays the younger Harada kid) and give texture to the story, they’ve had a bad habit of stealing time from the mystery.

Maeda-kun’s voice-over moves from Shinobu’s issue to a general observation about what people consider precious.


Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan Ep 06 Review

Posted on: August 15th, 2012 by tylerraiz No Comments

Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan (浪花少年探偵団 – Naniwa Juvenile Detective Team) is a mystery series with a humorous bent based on a novel by Higashino Keigo. It centers on mystery-obsessed elementary school teacher Takeuchi Shinobu (Tabe Mikako) and her cohort of similarly curious students. Shinobu begins this episode by having a rough morning – oversleeping, being delayed at a train crossing, and . . . well, you get the picture.

Bad Day 1Bad Day 2Bad Day 3

She enters late for a staff meeting:

Arriving Late

The topic turns to bullying, and in particular a victim named Shibuya who is the target of a student named Serizawa from Shinobu’s homeroom: