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Papadol! Ep 01 Review

Posted on: May 5th, 2012 by tylerraiz No Comments

http://airbicy.com/?p=masters-thesis-prospectus “Papadol” is a portmanteau of “papa” and “idol”, which should give you an idea of what this drama is about. You’ll also see it as “Papadoru” because of the romanization of the katakana title “パパドル!” I’ve also seen it with a space – “Papa Doru” – which is incorrect, but might be necessary to find it on D-Addicts. This series is a comedy in which Nishikido Ryo of Kanjani8 plays himself as an idol who falls in love with a divorced woman with three children, with the intention to marry her.

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http://guadacerrajero24h.com/?q=resume-for-phd-in-organic-chemistry I could really say a lot about this first episode, but let me start with the most important point: this was the funniest episode of any drama I’ve seen this season. It was also solid in every respect. The tone was balanced, the acting was uniformly brilliant, and there wasn’t a single character I would have done without. Much of the humor was right there in the lines, so we’ve got good writing on top of everything else.


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